FlexiDumbbells goods are 100% Australian-made and have a compact design that is easy to operate. They are bound to save you the money and space you would need for regular dumbbells of varying weights. These dumbbells will make your workout area look sleeker and more advanced.

Absolutely. Since the weight for any of our adjustable dumbbells or Kettlebells can be set by turning the knob to any desired weight, FlexiDumbbells can easily be used by both men and women. It saves you the trouble of buying and storing multiple sets of weights for each exercising family member.

FlexiDumbbells and weights are super easy to use. There's no assembly or setting up, you just simply turn the dial to your choice of weight and you're ready to use them.

FlexiDumbbells adjustable dumbbells set can be adjusted to a maximum weight of 40kg.

FlexiDumbbells' Kettlebells can be adjusted to a maximum weight of 20kg.

You just need to adjust the knob to point to the number scale for the weight you want. Once it sets into a number, you will hear a click and that's how you know the weight has been fully selected.

The FlexiDumbbells stand for adjustable dumbbells is optional. However, we recommend it since it positions the dumbbells correctly to avoid any weight lifting injuries.

Of course. FlexiDumbbells merchandise lets you work out your arms, legs and core - basically giving you a full body workout. Watch videos of a dumbbell or a Kettlebells workout to learn more.

FlexiDumbbells are available in various sizes and can be purchased as dumbbell weights or Kettlebells. They each offer different weight loads.

Yes, FlexiDumbbells are available in a choice of multiple colours. Go on, choose the one that's your favourite and brighten up your workout section.

Yes. We have 7 facilities across Australia and can ship the product to you anywhere in the country. We have a highly efficient delivery network and can swiftly reach your order to you.

We process your order within 24 hours, and the goods will arrive at your doorstep within a mere 3-4 business days of placing the order.

After you place your order for FlexiDumbbells, you can track the package on our online tracking tool and get updates at each stage of your purchase. In case you have any queries about your order, they can be raised online too.

All FlexiDumbbell products come with a one year warranty subject to certain limits. But trust us, you probably won't need to use it at all.

Made of premium quality materials, all FlexiDumbbell adjustable dumbbells are coated with a unique top layer that ensures the weights don't clank or clatter as you set them down. They also reduce the chance of scratching any surfaces, and remain protected from corrosive rust. So don't sweat, if you get some sweat on it!

As a 100% Australian-owned company, we take pride in providing products of superior quality with high safety standards. So you can be at peace knowing the FlexiDumbbells are just as safe as regular dumbbells and weights.

For the quality they guarantee, FlexiDumbbells are sold at a very affordable rate. Not just that, you potentially save thousands on annual gym memberships or even not having to buy multiple sets of weights. So it's really, great value for your money.

Our award-winning customer support is always on hand to help you. They can be reached either by sending an email or contacting over the telephone.

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